With one hit machining proven to be the way forward MAAS Ltd. has invested heavily in the latest CNC equipment together with powerful CAD/CAM packages and DNC links to each machine. This has kept us at the top of our league.

Processes include:

  • CNC/VMC machining of metals/plastics and composites
  • CNC turning of metal and engineering plastics
  • Prototyping (standard and rapid)
  • Injection moulding (standard and performance plastics)
  • EDM wire and sink
  • Various protective and decorative finishes available
  • Component assembly and packaging

File Handling

Our CAD office is available to all our clients and can handle the following types:- Stl, parasolid, step, iges, ProE, dwg, dxf.
Broadband file share and networking is standard. Our very experienced engineering staff will assist you with any issues or changes that may be necessary.

Delivery system available

Jit or kanban system to accommodate customer requirements.

First off product

Our policy on first off product or prototype samples is very favourable for our clients. The MAAS sales office or design team would be delighted to discuss this option with you, contact us at sales@maas.ie