Design and Prototyping

MAAS is your partner in Engineering Excellence

With a design engineering team offering our full expertise and working in partnership with the client, we produce what you want quickly and efficiently. The vast experience available within the team we can often save you time and money by giving you the best advice on your component, considering process, tolerance and predicting potential problems. Our design experience is drawn from many sectors so why not available of this knowledge and support – see what our designers can offer you.

  • 2D drafting (full engineering and component drawings)
  • 3D modelling (fully rendered parts and assemblies)
  • 3D exploded views
  • Redesign for high volume production

Stl, parasolid, step, iges, ProE, dwg, dxf, pdf.


We offer our clients help in specifying material selection and have experience in the following:

  • Engineering/performance plastics
  • PEEK, PMMA, PTFE, PC, POM, PA66 and more
  • Standard and high-grade metal alloys
  • Materials, finishes and protective coatings


Our policy on first off product or prototype samples is very favourable for our clients. The MAAS sales office or design team would be delighted to discuss this option with you, contact us at

When the Design team have completed the component or product design or prepared the clients own files, its time for the physical prototype to be produced using any combination of the following processes:

  • CNC
  • 2D or 3D machining
  • SLA
  • SLS
  • Rim moulding
  • EDM wire and sink

All prototypes can be assembled and tested as required.

James O'Mahony

Managing Director, GEHC

Barry Mulcahy

Quality Manager, ICP NewTech

Ciaran Hurley

Procurement Manager